The State of Michigan is falling apart. We have the highest unemployment rate in the United States. I had a conviction on my criminal record for something petty and stupid and could not get a job until I found my salvation with the nice people at Records Removal Services.

They expunged my criminal record and now I am looking for jobs again and my name is not showing as ever being convicted. I want to thank them with this report.

They have a great system so that you can login and communicate with them securely, and they respond to emails quickly.

I had no idea you could remove things from your criminal record and I had never heard the word expungement until I signed up with them.

I personally thank Pam, Daniel, David, and Nancy for working with me and giving me my life back. I have a clear criminal record…… completely expunged.

Thank you Record Removal Services.

I will never forget what you have done for me. I strongly recommend them. You can find Records Removal Services online at

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